Chinese Kenpo


We tend to keep so low a profile that such a "milestone"goes unnoticed.
In addition, we shun competition because it detracts from our on going
goal-The continued evolution of a pure self defense style.

Chinese Kenpo is a composite system. From a historical perspective we drew from various styles, taking what we felt had the most practical
merit. We have developed our own unique approach, one that continues
to evolve and be refined. Our aim is to find the most efficient and
effective way to knock a person down and make sure he stays down.

Since we have no pretense about being a "classical style", or any desire
to amass trophies we are free to study, evolve and perfect our own
technique. We believe our system to be totally relevant to everyday
needs for self-protection. Yet we know all to well how often persons of
poor character and perverted intent not to study an art form, but to learn
dangerous and harmful techniques to use against innocent people.
Unfortunately, if we cannot alter their character, they learn nothing.

We will never tolerate our art form from being disgraced, nor will we ever
use our art from being put down by poor judgement or racism. This
philosophy limits our enrollment to serious mature students who learn that Chinese Kenpo Kung-Fu means achievement through hard work and discipline.