Self Defense          Self Development





     The art of Chinese Kenpo strives to attain the tao of self-defense. Like the Tao, Chinese Kenpo has a beginning but no end. Our one mind is such, that instructor teaches student, student teaches instructor and both learn and grow together.


   In Chinese Kenpo we strive to perfect the dynamic interplay between the circle and the straight line. We also follow the principles of the Yin-Yang. On the Yin side, the student learns to be soft, evasive and ever changing.  On the Yang side the student learns to be firm, unyielding and indomitable.

    The Creed of Chinese Kenpo is single and straight forward. We prefer
harmony, understanding, and respect for all. We strive to avoid violence. Yet let none forget our chosen symbols, the Tiger and the Dragon; they represent our unlimited spirit, courage and ferocity.














Honorable -John McSweeny-Chairman (Deceased)

Master William Christie



Master Sarah Francis Valdella



Grand Master Anthony P. Fox Chairman

Sifu Stephen C. Bromberg



Sifu James McGartland



Senior Grand Master Stuart Barksdale Vice-Chairman

Master Eric Paseltiner (Deceased)



Master Robert Herbst (Deceased)



Master Luis Lauda (Deceased)


  Sifu Frank Gualdino (Deceased)