Theories of Training


There are four limbs of your body for striking and hitting. The
eyes are for sudden changing around the outside body. The waist
is for added power, which controls the body to exceed great power
in to your punches-all meaning of the waist turning for every
punch. The footwork is to maneuver the body out of range or in to
range for any attack. The most valuable function of your body-the
hands. Their uses are so unlimited that three lifetimes would not be
enough to master all the hand movements. The hand can be used in many ways. They can be applied with or without strength, fast or slow,
circular or angular, singularly, simultaneously or interchangeably and
further etc.

Most of all to the student of this class is control, self control and
body control are all important to Chinese Kenpo fighting. If a guy
doesn't have it, it shows up and we'll drop him.